Saturday, May 4, 2013

A baby on the way

So Amira is due to have a baby at the end of June. She could go early and she could go late, you never know with horses....or humans for that matter.
I love seeing her belly bulge and she is already making milk! Her last and only other foal she had she never made any milk for and she did not live but 3 days, so I am nervous but excited that this time she appears to be making milk right on schedule!
All I really want is a healthy foal, but my true desire is a healthy foal thats black like his father with his mothers beautiful Arabian head. I say "he" because I think she will have a boy and it will he dark. My friend Carly thinks it will be a filly and a blood bay like Amira. Either way, I will be happy if it is Healthy! So do a healthy foal dance for me!
I have a list of names for either sex, but would love to hear some suggestions. I like Dimira for a boy, its a play on Amira + Dinero. I also like Hondo. For a filly I like Rogue, Regret, and Mirage.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

A long Hiatus

It has been a WHILE since I have done this! It had just not been in me to blog.
Lately I have been struggling with some anger issues and I feel like I couldn't write about it since its the internet and ANYBODY can see it. I could have just made it private but actually it was better that I just kept my mouth shut.
I am still angry, so angry sometimes it's like I am seeing red, but I need to learn not to let things get to me.
Everything is going well, Wade and I are still as in love as we ever have been and our animals are doing well also.
I sold Dinero a few weeks ago, and I think Amira was glad to see him go. (hopefully) she is pregnant and will foal at the end of June first of July.
I have chicks hatching out today, and the chicks from my last hatch are getting big.
Spring has sprung and we are already working on our garden, and when I say we I use that term very loosely because W is actually the one who works so hard on it. He loves his corn!
I recently made a trip to the sandhills of nebraska with my dad to get a hay mower. We left my house at 3:30 a.m. and pulled back into my driveway at 11:19 p.m. that same day. It was a looooong trip but glad I got to spend some time with my dad. The last time we took a trip together I was 20 and my car had broke down in New Orleans.
Thats pretty much all I have to say today. I hope to be blogging more.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Runaway Mustangs

So Tuesday was a heck of a day. It all started going downhill at 9:00 a.m. when I got a phone call from my neighbor saying one of my horses was in his front yard. It was Dinero. So I go down the road a little bit knowing if one is out both are out and sure enough Amira was down in another neighbors yard. She saw my car and started to follow it home. That is until she met up with Dinero and then they run down the neighbors driveway that I am afraid of.
I go back to the house for a bucket and a rope and start walking down the neighbors drive to go get them. One of them is flying down the drive sees me and starts screaming at me how my horses tore down his fence, which they soooo did NOT do. I explain to him that I saw them run down the drive. He then calms down and tells me that oh by the way you are going to notice I have about 20 of your chickens. I let that go for now, I went down there Amira walks right up to me, lets me slip a rope around her neck and I start walking them home. Dinero, of course, will follow his girlfriend everywhere.
I get home, walk the fence line, don't see any problems, put them back in. At this point I am thinking that they jumped the fence
Fast forward a couple hours I am at work I check my phone I have voicemails and text messages from two of my neighbors...they...are...out....AGAIN!
So I leave work, call up the neighbors turns out yet another neighbor has them penned in with their horses and Amira has kicked the living s@#* out of their horse. The guy said he was not mad though because he said that hos horse was mean and had beaten up several other horses which is why he was in a pen by himself.
My neighbor that I bought Dinero off of showed up and wanted to help, so we went down there caught Amira back up and I lead Amira from the back of her truck while Dinero followed. Luckily the busy hwy that they crossed was not busy at the time but there was a dump truck that saw us and stopped way back amd watched. And he was probably laughing.
Get them home and Rebecca looks over and finds where they were getting out!
Thankfully no more escapes....they were pretty sore for a couple of days but Thankfully OK!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Walks in the snow...

Just thought I would share some pictures of our walk (in the snow) yesterday. I have been trying to walk everyday and if I can't go on a walk to excercize in some way. I really need to lose some l.b.'s and coincidentally gives me some quality time with the pooches.

Yesterday it was so cute, we were a little ways down the driveway and I hear Weasley start yowling. So of course I turn around to see what's up and the little guy was just wanting to walk with me and the big dogs and was running and yowling down the drive ! It was funny.

Also am pretty tired from doing inventory at work the past couple of nights and getting my sleep schedule all messed up. In fact right now I feel like O could use a nap since I go into work in a couple of hours and don't get off til late.
Oh well, maybe being tired will burn extra calories!

Monday, January 14, 2013

The power is out!

So its about 6:20 on a freezing cold Ozark day and out power is out! And has been for almost 2 hours! First it went out while I was starting a load of laundry. My first thought was oh no the water lines are frozen. So I went to Wade's bathroom to see if the water was going in there. It was. So I flipped on the lights and nothing.
My first thought was that W forgot to pay the electric bill. I texted him qnd he had. So I then text my neighbor and he has no power either. He posted about it on facebook with a link to a television station that it would be back on IN AN HOUR!
And I have to leave for work in a couple of hours to do an all night inventory. Hope the power comes back on soon or W might have to sleep with the dogs to keep warm!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Where I thought I would be

I kinda stole this idea from my friend Nicole but I just really liked it.
10 years ago this small town girl was 19, and still fresh off the farm. I was in college and my dream was to get my Animal Science degree and then do embryo transfers on big time dairy cattle. I thought I would marry a cowboy with a lot of land or possibly another dairy farmer.
I thought at 29 I would be married, and living in Mtn. Grove in a house on top of a hill with my shop right next to the house.
I thought I would have a dozen horses to choose from to do endurance rides on.
I thought I would take yearly vacations to the beach with my family, be always driving a brand new truck, and be surrounded by my family.
Reality check: in college I partied too hard and my parents cut off my funds. I worked all that summer thinking I could save enough money to pay for it on my own. Didn't happen so I moved back to MG and started dating someone younger than me for 3 years.
Started milking cows again and my partying got harder, I moved from alcohol to hard core drugs which I had dabbled with a little but in rural America were much easier to get.
I never had a vehicle that ran very good, they were always breaking down but I always had my b/f to take me anywhere I wanted to go.
I found out cowboys were assholes and all the dairy farmers I knew who were single were just as bad into drugs as I was.
Fast forward a few  years, and I got tired of being a mother to my boyfriend, tired of doing drugs and tired of life itself.
Dumped boyfriend and got a new even younger boyfriend with a drug problem that I thought I could save.
That didn't work I figured out after just a few weeks. So I finally just up and moved to Carthage with my real dad and little sister who I had only saw a couple of times in the past 15 years.
I got cleaned up, I got a job, and I moved out of there.
I met my wonderful husband on a blind date, we moved in together after a short spell, and life was good.
Now at 29 years old I am one of the happiest people in the world. I have a home, great friends, I don't have a dozen horses but I have two, my dogs are great, I finally found a job that I really like even though working retail is never what I envisioned for myself, it fits my talents, and even though I am not surrounded by my family we are closer than ever.
Sometimes you really have to go through hell before you get to Heaven, and folks, I am there.
I hope someday to write a book about my battle with drugs and what it took to over ome the addiction, there were a lot of dark times and I want to give hope to people who need it. But for now don't judge the person I was, judge me for who I am. For I am Doti and I am strong

Monday, December 10, 2012

My weekend...

My weekend was pretty boring unless you count my trip to the Willoughby's yesterday morning to get, of all things,a computer at no charge thats what I call a good deal and good friends. They were cleaning out their office amd decided they didn't need it so lucky me I got a computer,  meatball maker, a thing of baking soda (there is a story behind that), their Christmas cards and Tori's school picture! I felt like a princess.
Otherwise all I did was work all weekend and I will be working all week. No day off but when I get my paycheck I SO will not care. Wade went back to work yesterday and actually did a lot better than either of us thought. He was pretty worn out last night but was in good spirits I think mostly from just getting out of the house.
It is getting chilly here in SWMO and I am hating that. I just have to remember that for every time there is a season...and the winter season sucks!
Now to explain my pics this morning. I was looking through my wedding sign-in book yesterday. My Uncle Duncan, who is a nut, signed it three times. I am pretty sure just to get a rise out of me. It did make me crack up though.
Hope everyone is getting a great start to their week and now I am going to go make myself a cup of Joe or my Monday is going to be awful!